BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

Sooner Than Later

At times, sooner than later, my friend, The Lord God will,
As The Sovereign Creator, His purpose in our lives fulfill,
Tying all back by the Savior, to the time on Calvary’s Hill,
When He forgave our behavior, as His blood men spilled.

It was God’s appointed time, in which Christ was crucified,
And the Father’s will and design, that Jesus bled and died,
Sins forgiven; yours and mine, no believer shall be denied,
Dying at that appointed time, “It is finished” our Lord cried.

From the cross to the grave, into the tomb Christ was laid,
In His death men were saved, as the price of sin was paid,
Into the world so depraved, by Him redemption was made,
And a way to Glory was paved, for His own, shall not fade.

From the grave into the sky; now at the Father’s right hand,
On a glorious throne on high, now reigning over every land,
Soon to return for you and I, in the rapture He has planned,
Then in view of every eye, on the earth, He again will stand.

In God’s time, all done for us, worldly men, lost in their sin,
For this sin, God will and must, judge this earth, all by Him,
Though we are all but dust, if we turn before He does begin,
And In Him, we put our trust, by His power, we eternally win.

(Copyright ©03/2008)

by Bob Gotti

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