On my list to go meet
-was Sophie
-would be our first visit
-I went with questionnaire
-as always…

Many times, have been wrong
-in giving shape and face
-to person expected
-she too was

Oriental, for sure but
-could not be of

For sure she, was master
-of the house and children
-was filled with energy
-its icing was kindness.

Came along little girl
-Indian; possibly of Bengal
-her skin dark brown.

Ambient, atmosphere, relation
-among us, in the house
-a copy of Heaven
-as defined by the faiths
-we hear…

Suddenly child vanished
-soon after resurfaced
-and in her tiny hand
-had something…
-was a gift and for me!

Doubtlessly "Best ever"
-must call it "Best ever"
-and keep as "Best ever"

It was a silver-wrapped chocolate
-in the shape of as ball…

She showed me real love…

Soon after came a boy
-well dressed as is told, narrated
-in books of Chares Dickens;
-trousers with shirts tucked
-and bowties…

He, too, was oriental
-by the shape of the nose
-I judged him: "Is from Philippines."

If by chance I am right
-the kids are adopted.

No matter who and how
-this visit and their gift
-must remain forever
-such candle cannot die.

Even if world is dark
Even if somebody cuts Hijab
Even if madman likes building walls
Even if…
Even if…
Even if…

Hey mankind in condos…
Hey people on the phones…
Hey those who lock the doors…

I have a telescope
I have a microscope
I use lens on the lens

This, I must.
This, I must.
This, I must.

To lighten the darkness
-when absent is sunshine
-let us take thin candles
-together make bundles
-form torches to shed light.

by Nassy Fesharaki

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Nassy, you are doing a great job with shedding light. Congratulations! All The Best In The New Year!