LO (08/13/1945 / UTAH)

! Sophisticated Debutante

Her face was lovely, in her hair she wore
A sparkling crown - a gem of ancient lore,
Her gown of flowing satin, white and gold
Was truly such a beauty to behold;

Slowly she descended winding stairs,
The gentlemen all rose up from their chairs,
She held her head up high and courtsied low
But failed to notice that her dainty toe
Had caught within her petticoat of lace,
And when she rose, she tripped with perfect grace;

Then with a sheepish grin she turned her head
To hide her face, she wished that she were dead!
Into the diningroom she made her way
Where all the guests were dressed in bright array,
Then at the guest of honor's left she sat
And everyone was seated - that was that;

The waiters brought the dinner and they ate,
The debutante was starved, she couldn't wait,
She hastily took a fork piled high with peas
And dumped them in her lap with greatest ease;

The smothered laughter died a little when
The speaker broke the silence once again, -
He stood beside his chair and gave his speech,
And as the point he was about to reach,
A gurgling burp emerged from by his side -
The debutante sat stiff, her eyes went wide!

The speaker asked, somewhat to his dismay...............
Is there anything else, my dear, you'd care to say?

*This is an old piece I had written in the 60's. Debutante balls were a big deal way back then.

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hey this is an entertaining one indeed...I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end...hey you know what this is almost a sequel to the lady with the dark dress...and a great one at that.....thanks for the entertainment...10++ with lots of love shan