Sorely Neglected

As obvious as a three dollar bill.
And yet its counterfeit use,
Has not brought about any attention!

Could it be...
Those of this persuasion on a spending spree,
Are in a self praise mode?
As values continue to plop,
Without flushing down an ignored commode!

They enjoy taking a self righteous stance.
As a reality that is touched and felt...
Loses an appeal of a tasty sharp cheese melt,
Once delighting with a zest and zeal.

And sandwiched in between,
Are those of religious doctrines screaming.
They would like to believe their values are wholesome...
But contradicted values displayed on the streets,
Have found them much dismissed and benigned...
By those speaking of a standard of life,
Cruising into a nightmarish covered up blight.
No one seems to mind in these times.

A clarity of how things truly are lived,
Is not at all reflected.
In fact the truth is sorely neglected.
And a 'white house' surrounded by useless monuments...
Is 'thisclose' from being up for sale.
Brought by foreign investors...
Who could care less who professes,
To make sentiments about this!

Regardless who wins in an election and prevails...
Whether it is understood or not,
Who gets to sit to attempt making divisional splits fit!
A devalued 'buck' can not stop...
In an empty pocket!
And no amount of brilliant deceptive explanation,
Is going to magically make that happen!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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