please leave me alone
forget we ever met
never hug me again
or kiss me on the lip
Sorrow, please go away

I never invited you into my house
I never asked for your love
I never wanted you
but you forced yourself onto me
because of my loss
you wrapped your blanket over me
and surrounded me with darkness
chaining my heart
with your cold grip
afflicting my soul
with your bad omen
Sorrow, please leave me alone

I never sleep a night
my heart ever painful
crushed by your weight
suffocating under your breath
I cry day and night
under your blanket
there is no love
only sorrow

I am tired
my eyes are red
my tears have dried
and my heart is a stone
under your blanket
there is no light
no hope to make me dream
and hope of a better tomorrow
only sadness

just leave.

by Kenneth Maswabi

Comments (2)

Piece of great elegance with rendition of words to utmost justice. A great poem Kenneth. Kudos!
I have just read your first poem on this site. It's a poem of profound sadness expressed through heartfelt cries, wrapped in verses. Words run very deep into the readers' mind. As a result, a strong empathy grows. Well done! Looking forward to reading some more of your poems, soon.