(18 January 1982 - / Pretoria, South Africa)


I can’t find myself
I can’t find what I’m said to be
I can’t find to see the future He see
The promises spoke fall helpless of me
My burd’ning failure sorrows me to depths

I long my failed love in failure still perfect
Dripping glee, floating
Covered with dismay
But the love, yes it was, tangibly good
I long its giveness, captured in delight!

I fail, I fail, I sorrow for me
My God in me promise miracles to be
But I myself allow this not
I stink I cause it all to rot

I can’t, I can’t, please God dismiss me!
Allow me not authority over me
For what I touch my humanity wreck
I seek Your will fast’ning ‘round my neck
To hang my self, my flesh decease
To watch just You, Your reign increase
All You my Lord, please kill myself
Murder me
Till all these failures flee
I cry now Lord, I dissatisfy
I cry, I cry, now come to me!
Destroy me till just You remain
Otherwise I no longer sane

Seems futile these words so often spoke
Cause rarely happens my flesh revoke

Come now Lord, now heal my pain
I need You more in presence much
Come now Lord till all of You
Overwhelmingly I touch

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Wow, I'm speechless! The words are deep...they permeate mind and soul!