Poem By Jenny MORETTER

I woke up happy today
All the pain from yesterday had gone way
I sat on the couch and turned on the TV
I started crying it was so hard to believe
People killing each other all around the world
To adults, new babies, little boys and young girls
Who makes you God to take another one's life?
Did you even give your victim a chance to put up a fight?
You ended their future which could have been so bright
I honestly do not know how you can sleep at night
It makes me sick to think what you put them through
Listening to their cries of pain and fear what did they do to you?
Do you have any remorse for what you have done?
How can you not realize what you did was so wrong
I hope you get caught and live your life in a cell
Those families have suffered and went through pure hell
They only have pictures now to remember their loved ones face
No more I love you, hugs of affection, no more loving embrace
For the person they once loved is now forever gone
They know in their hearts they must now move on
I want you to know that you have forever changed someone's life
The day you decided to take their loved one's life.

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Very moving and heartfelt read.

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