Sorrow Wept From A Smile

Sitting here resting
Thinking of thee,
A smile comes to my face,
That's so pleasant to see.

Thoughts drifting about,
My mind wonders on.
I'm calm and not restless.
There is nothing wrong.

The peace from around
Fills in my head
Longing to hold you
Remembering what you said.

You'd always love me
This I hold dear
In my heart you will stay
Since you are no longer here.

The last time I squeezed your hand,
And looked deep into your face,
You were cold as ice,
And surrounded by lace.

But the memories we shared,
Is what I hold tight
No longer is there sorrow,
And I'm doing alright.

I will always miss you,
And love you so dear,
My life will go on,
With your memory near.

by Dawn J. Plenert

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