Sorrowful Heart

When you start to enjoy the moment you having with someone
Someone you learned to love in a very short time
She who became a threat to your life
but still a winner of your heart
And you involve that person to your future plans
One day in a blink of an eye she just vanish
You begin to question yourself; what, why, how and where
Is it rapture yet, nope if it was I 'll be gone too.

Imagine waking up in the morning expecting to see her
But you just receive a letter that makes you
feel like shooting the messenger
'Dear Sthandwa sam, You know I love you so much
I don't wanna lose you but this I had to do
It's best for us to separate just to save you
save you from my brother's blood-seeking bullet
So now I'm on my way to catch a taxi to the Eastern Cape.

Baby you know I tried my best
If the bullet was promised to be mine I would have take it
But now that it was yours and I couldn't risk your life
I hope you understand, I wasn't even allowed to use my phone
that's why I didn't call.
Oh yes I know, One day our paths will cross again
In my heart there will be always a place for you
Please be careful, be a man but not a hero

Ndiyakuthanda Tito

Love Nana'

My Eyes melted and sang: abake babonana bobuya babonane
Musa ukukhala ngathi awunathemba
Amaxesha entlungu netlupheko ayafuneka
Thula nyana kaZantsi mhlawumbi ngomso kuzolunga

by Tito Ezra Zantsi

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