'As you are bewitched
By my beauty
Allow me to be a bit naughty!

Pleasure expect not to gain
Without a little pain.

Take me to
The most expensive
Restaurants that exist.
Let me order dishes top
On the menu list.
Hurry let us go
To another place
Having for an open-kitchen
A space.
Don't you doubt
I have interest
For a none-stop bout.

Buy me
Expensive cosmetics
And shoes
Dresses, an overcoat
And what not?
Not forgetting money
For transport.

Though when
You got me first broke
I had a pride strong
Like a rock! '

Although you seem a dove,
A wolf in a sheep's skin,
You are blind to
A genuine love,
Hence, I have decided
The problem to solve!
Before you jilt me
When I have nothing
For you to siphon,
Finish with you
I must
As love must not be
A typhoon.

Helpless, may helps you
God who is above!

by Alem Hailu Gabre Kristos

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Thx x poetical friend
A nice poetic imagination, Alem. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks