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Sorrows And Pains! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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Sorrows And Pains! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Poem By Kunal Dave

Watching the moon in the sky,
In a silent nignt, the smoke for the fire fills my views,
But them a cool wind blows and clear me views

That the time I make a wish,
Wish to blow of my sorrows from my life as the cool wind did! ! ! ! !

That not the end of my wishes because I am human,
Who is always greedy….
Greedy of every thing expect for pain! ! ! ! !

That’s the time I make a wish,
Wish to blow off my sorrows and pains from my life

But then I realise that wishes never becomes true in life……..
So, oh GOD please help me to live up this sorrow and painful life……..

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OMG! ! ! i AM OBSESSED WITH IT! ! Your are so totally cool in low rise jeans. You know you made me feel that I had a tit between my legs. Look...I like your poem and stuff..but the fake pofile of Subbaraman N V was too much.. You dnky....Dont you feel ashamed of itself? ? ?
Hi David. I think its better you put your pen down for the survival of mankind. Two people are already in the maternity ward cause of you. I bet you are one of those awesome guys who live in the basement. Here is a poem for you, Once upon a time I read a poem, It was written by one gay fellow, G for gethu, Shoutu na katthu, Katthina motthu, Ombothuku apparam patthu, Potthinka kuthu, LakalakaLakalakaLakalakaLakalakaLakalakaLakalakaLakalaka, Poda telephone boothu.
If we reconcile to the realities of life, we do not grieve over sorrows and jump high over joys!