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Poem By Lovina Sylvia Chidi

Sorry is for the weak
Whose stories never stick
When trying hard to make you look like a freak
And leaving you with wet wounds to lick

Sorry is for those
Who are always in a hurry?
They say “I will make amends don’t worry”
The never stop once to think once about the consequences of their actions
For a minute, a second or even a fraction

Sorry is like a mild tide
That sets out 20 feet high
You look at it from a far
And say
Oh my Oh why me why me just why

Is for those who don’t care
They will always get away with it I fear
They never stick to a plan
Trying out all their options from a can
Choosing which ever one suits them the most

It’s like the minute that is just about to pass
Trying so hard to make it last before it is past
Into an impeccable continuity
Expecting from it some sort of loyalty
But it ignores you audaciously
As it moves on so fast

Sorry is for you
It makes you feel better about yourself
Like a polished glass in its shelf
It makes you look like you care
It disguises your selfish ways

It is the last excuse
That is expected to amuse
As well as to abuse

© Sylvia Chidi- 17 October 2005

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Deep Sylvia, very deep