I dont know what to say to make things right
Im afraid i'll just start a stupid fight
I might be crazy not to understand what's wrong
And not to realize you've been bothered all along

I want to tell you how i feel
But scared, you'll cover your ears so u cant hear
I feel so bad that i somehow made u sad
Im afraid to lose you, i know, its my bad

I know that saying sorry wouldnt stop the pain
Even if i'll say it while standing on the rain
Just tell me what to do, to make it up to you
I wont even think twice of giving my life to you

I never meant to make you feel all alone
Maybe ive been so selfish, only thought of things on my own
But i want to stay with you as long as forever
Please allow me to be there, and i promise, i would not leave.. NEVER~

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WOW! ! ! A heartfelt apologetic piece...with this kind of poem no more broken soul would exist...a 10. to those who blunder and made me wonder pardon, i have given to them forgiveness is always open Truth must just bare and be honest for what to share...