NDW ( / Jersey City, New Jersey, USA)


Did you by chance step on my toe?
You are not my foe
Unexpectedly close the door in my face?
I was in the wrong place
An incident, could not have been avoided
I understand your regretfulness
Sorry you say, you have my forgiveness.
Alas, one speaks one's mind
An obnoxious statement so unrefined
Rudely passed through your lips, do not rejoice
Of course you meant just what was voiced
Upon questioning, you stutteringly said
I'm sorry!
Sorry? After all is said and done
The despicable words were spoken
By a mealy mouthed, worthless cad
Who shows no remorse at all, that's bad
Do not be a sanctimonious fraud
Stand by your words or do not speak, at all
No gentlemen of eloquence those words would say
His rhetoric, would be polished any day
I'm sorry is a false excuse.

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