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AG (8-02-1990 / Thomasville, Georgia)


Poem By Antwan Graham

Verse 1 - For every time you had to go to sleep alone, for every time i tried to rush you off the phone, for every time i said something to make you cry now that, that is all said and done i can't deny i'm sorry so sorry for anything for anything i might have done

Chorus - It's all said and done and now i'm sorry for what i've done to you girl, to you

Verse 2 - I'm sorry i never meant to hurt the one i loved and i'm sorry that the best laid plans sometimes fall through and i apologize to you for anything i might've of done wrong girl i'm sorry for all the times i lied straight to your face and you knew

Chorus - I'm sorry for all the bad times i put you through, baby if i could change time baby i would be so much better, so better

Verse 3 - When discussions turned into arguments and how we'd fight i wish i could have you tonight to count all your tears it would be like standing in the rain, now we gone our seperate ways and i guess we'll never know what could happen

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Its a really good song n its true
Interesting! I'll leave you a message GW62
Hmmmm, this is most beautiful Antwan, , How will you find the music for it?
wow thatz areally nice one