This is me saying sorry
for everything I said,
for hurting your feelings
just because my ego got hurt.

It is kind of funny because
you never did anything wrong,
it was my head that made us fight
to every single song.

I should have cherished all the moments we had
but instead, I whined
and wanted to leave it behind.
I want you to stop and have a flashback,
so that I could say thank you and sorry for whatever we had.

I know what I did to you was bad,
as I am feeling the same,
and now I regret every single word I had said.

It seems like you are having fun,
and it isn't the laughter and smiles that I had done.
I sure hope that you can forgive me
and I wish you all the luck up to infinity

I know I cannot erase the past,
but here I am now trying to fix what we had.
I am perfectly fine if you do not want me.
but I sure hope that you can forgive me.

by Aaliya Shajahan

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