If I died today
Because I needed to get away
Always remember I’m with you
Watching down on everything you do

I would never want you to be depressed and sad
I’d want you to know I’m in a better place now and be glad
I wish I could deal with this, another way
But I couldn’t live, another day

I love you with all my heart
And it kills me to think I’m leaving you here, as I depart
But unfortunately
Life has just got on top of me

Nothing seems to be going right
I can’t seem to keep up this fight
I don’t feel I can stay strong
So now, heaven is where I belong

I am so sorry for what I have done
For the actions I have taken
I’m really sorry for any sadness I have caused you
I’m sorry for making you so blue

Just please remember I’m still there in your heart
And we aren’t that far apart
I’ll leave you a feather from my wing
To remind you, I’m always here, smiling! !

by Becky Ginn

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Keep trucking, Becky! I don't really know if you will make it but it's worth a try. Just don't revert back to stealing. H