everyone has a momment in life they regret
they wish they could go back in time,
and just change it, to make it right, again
you feel like there is nothing you could do
its in the past, should you just move on?
should you act like it never even happened?
when theres a deep feeling in you,
that just would never go away.
to me it feel likes like life cant go on,
until you fix it in some way.
for people who feel this way,
im letting you no u can.
no, you can't go back in time,
but you can say something so little,
that could mean so much.

i went up to my (ex) boyfriend one day
its been 2 year and ive never said anything
i went up to his door at night, and knocked
when he opened the door it looked as if,
as if he was confused why i was even there
but this word was something i needed to say
something i never said which i should've
i grabbed his hand and looked up in his eye
and said to him that night on 7/20/07 sorry
and at that momment, that very momment
it felt like i just went back in time,
and changed everything as it was to be
all i have to say is that things were back,
back to the way they were suppose to be,
two years ago.

by Brittany Beery

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