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Sorry For What Happened Last Night

Sorry for what happened last night!
For sure, it was not an act of love.
I never thought it would happen
Nor did I do anything to prevent it.

I feel sad that it did happen
Without any feeling of love!

The blood gushed into my veins,
We forgot about things bitter about us.
It took time for me to think
And by then the wrong was done.

Should I go to the temple,
To tell the God to forgive;
Or take thousands ablutions
In the holy waters of the sea?

I am not sure if it would take away
The bitterness between us, we have
And restore back the lost love
Without any of sense of guilt!

The guilt kills me every moment
As I think to have defiled my body.
Cries it seems, my soul inside,
As it was so stupid to be carnal
And senseless not to think over before
And I do not know who to blame for.

But I wonder for a while,
Closing my eyes gone dry these days!
It was not the same before,
Until we lost love for each other.

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Excellent! ! ! ! ! Mr The Great IAS Officer.