MO (25/02/1978 / Egypt)

Sorry Girls

Sorry girls
He’s not the man you’re looking for
Not that kind of guys who got million Pounds or more
He’s a man of manners, honours, and norms to explore

When he meets a girl,
He doesn’t give her what he can’t handle
He doesn’t gamble

And before he makes a decision
He turns to God and follows His religion

He doesn’t swim against the current
He just won't love to disgrace his parent

Yeah he might be simple but he’s not stupid
To forsake all that he is for the sake of cupid

Sorry girls
But he’s not what you’re looking for
And I’m sure
There’s no key for his golden door

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My fellow poet You got talent and you know it Don't stop writing or you will blow it The more you write the more you grow it
wow..these poems are great..hey osman..invite people to read your poems..i m sure they ll like your ones, and rite more, at least i ll visit...cheers