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Sorry, I’m So Sorry
KM (january 13 1990 / )

Sorry, I’m So Sorry

Poem By kalista mccart

Sorry for making you mad
Sorry for everything I said
Sorry for lying to you
Sorry, I’m so sorry

Sorry if I disappointed you
Sorry if I hurt you
Sorry for everything
Sorry, I’m so sorry

Sorry that I liked you
Sorry that you did
Sorry for turning in to a which
Sorry, I’m so sorry

Sorry that I loved you
Sorry that you didn’t
Sorry that we had to fight
Sorry, I’m so sorry

Sorry for still loving you
Sorry you don’t love me
Sorry for ever loving you
Sorry, I’m so sorry

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Comments (53)

Sorry for making you mad. There is nothing better than saying, 'Sorry'
my best friend forever you are so sweet friend to me and she is funny and kind
You make apology look that simple #woow
Sorry you've been hurt, Sorry i haven't been the best, Sorry you didn't get enough, Sorry, i'm so sorry. Nice Poem Kalista
My lean cost more than your rent