Sorry I'M Still Not Perfect....

I'm sorry for not being perfect
just like you wanted me to be
I'm sorry I wasnt worth it
I'm sorry I'm only me

by Jessica Anonymous Click to read full poem

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I understand what you feel! Ive felt the same way, not being good enough for someone and sometimes even yourself. But you have to understand that you have to have faith in yourself and not to be afraid to be who you are. Its easier said than done trust me i know but when u trust in yourself and gather more confidence you'll be surprised at how you feel. Life's hard and sucks at time but you can't let that stop you from doing what u love.
thats beautiful... its inspiring and i loves it
i never want to leave jess_tee because i love her
you are worth it you can write very well keep writing..
You are worthy of yourself-don't ever let anyone belittle you.Hug yourself-say 'I love me' whenever you feel down and it will pick you.I spent many years being depressed because I felt inadequate and one day I read this bit of advice in an angel book and it's helped me ever since.A ten from me and keep writing.SMILE! ! ! ! ! It's prettier than a frown.
girl, don't ever be sorry for who you are, cause being someone else totally isn't worth it. i had to learn that the hard way.