CI (12/04/91 / Regional Medical Center)

Sorry I Was Born

What's the use of living life
When it's not worth living?
I just don't see the point
My heart is tired of giving.
Everyone says cheer up,
But why should I cheer?
I have no reason to laugh anymore.
The only emotions I show are anger and tears.
With memories that linger
Won't seem to go away.
Why can't I be happier?
Today's a brand new day.
The thoughts are coming back,
The ones that bring the pain.
I thought everything was all my fault.
Now I know they are to blame.
I'm sorry for this,
What I'm going to do.
And this life doesn't matter to me anymore
Because it didn't matter to you.

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wow this is exactly how i feel constantly its amazing how you interpret such complex emotions into this poem i find it hard to talk about how i feel because it doesn't make sense I'm full of questions that i don't even know how to ask, thats why i love writing its so free it doesn't have to make perfect sense, it lets you put your thoughts into a form you understand. i find it helps me, i hope it helps you too keep writing x x
your poems are very deep, and very sad...hope its not you that you write of...your a very young woman that shouldnt have to feel these pains you write of.....
Dont kill yourself we love you. Just kidding. Great Poem,