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Sorry Masser
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Sorry Masser

Poem By Sandra Osborne

Now I's gots all fours and fives
But it brings me moes mo strength
Makes me precerate doze sixes mo,
An it duz doze fives mo, too.
So I tried ta talk to da masser,
But he runs an ees hidden too.
But den again, I knows
Dat da master done tol' me
He never attackded me.
An ees da master.
So hell, maybe I aint’s
No poet no ways.
But at least I ain’ts
No lieing critique.
A hound ta be put down.

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Comments (3)

HEY! Aint I proud to call her my friend.! ! ! Hugs Jan
Allan, I agree with you sentiments about Sandra. And I am about 200 miles closer to her as Al the crow flies. H
Sandra I wish I could talk or write like that. Will have to do a German poem with a local dialect, but won't be easy. H