Living Against All Events

Those dangerous times
are never gone
these are the perennials in
our garden of conflict
and chaos
the flowers of illusion are
growing all over
the sees of hope are scattered
even in rocks and cliffs and
cleavages of this earth
the sighs of the singing simmers
the halo of holiness
the springtime of every winter
the summer of every storm
the silence of the sands
keep thriving still
because you always love and
hence survive...............


Comments (3)

HEY! Aint I proud to call her my friend.! ! ! Hugs Jan
Allan, I agree with you sentiments about Sandra. And I am about 200 miles closer to her as Al the crow flies. H
Sandra I wish I could talk or write like that. Will have to do a German poem with a local dialect, but won't be easy. H