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Sorry Masser
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Sorry Masser

Now I's gots all fours and fives
But it brings me moes mo strength
Makes me precerate doze sixes mo,
An it duz doze fives mo, too.
So I tried ta talk to da masser,
But he runs an ees hidden too.
But den again, I knows
Dat da master done tol' me
He never attackded me.
An ees da master.
So hell, maybe I aint’s
No poet no ways.
But at least I ain’ts
No lieing critique.
A hound ta be put down.

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Comments (3)

HEY! Aint I proud to call her my friend.! ! ! Hugs Jan
Allan, I agree with you sentiments about Sandra. And I am about 200 miles closer to her as Al the crow flies. H
Sandra I wish I could talk or write like that. Will have to do a German poem with a local dialect, but won't be easy. H