Sorry Mom And Dad

Sorry mom and dad, for doing wrong instead of right.
Sorry mom and dad that I had gotten into all those fight.
Sorry mom and dad, for lying instead of the truth.
Sorry mom and dad, for being really rude.

by Crystal Camacho Click to read full poem

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Add a comment.sorry mom and dad. i know that i will change.
Sorry mom and dad for not caring enough Sorry mom and dad for a foul I have been Sorry mom and dad please tell my siblings Im sorry for getting angery Sorry mom and dad for the lies
I'm sorry mum and dad for being a bonus pack of pain.
I have really liked the fact that you have realized your mistakes and have repented. Iam sure mum and dad have forgiven you. I like it
the right words in the right time. i wanted to apologize to the dearest people i've known in my whole life but i didnt know what to say and when i read your amazing poet i was inspired. thank you for reading my mind without realizing that you did so. keep up the good work.
crystal- i loved your poem... i can totally relate to how your are feeling and how sorry you are for the pain that you put oin your parents as you were young. just remeber that you are not alone and all the love that they continuiously show yopu is real abd that they will alwyas love and forgive you, now the questiopn is...can you forgive yourself? i haven't been able to yet, there is more to my storyt and it's a little more compicated than just skipping school... keep ypur chin up and write back if you want... janelle gahn
its really nice the feelings which we feel but we cant express because of the guilt its really awesome n nice because sometimes we feel but just the same we cant express but we do express them by correcting ouself