AME (24/7/1987 / egypt-sohag-tahta-shatoura)

Sorry Sir

This is the life I prepared for my self,
I put my ideas prepared on my shelf,
whatever you say I, m for your words deaf,
whatever you do I will keep stiff.
you prevented me from my dreams and said no,
Now you came saying for your mistakes you knew,
but you injured my heart and also threw,
you neglected me, put me in a place that is low.
Go away from me and search for her,
she is with green eyes and blond hair,
she is not like me, she is more fair,
It does not matter and i don't care.
My dreams don't afraid you will survive,
whatever happen I will keep you alive,
through seas of gold and silver you will dive,
for all what you want i will strive.

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