(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Sought By Trained Blood Hounds

Those who had been already declared,
Mentally incompetent for being 'too' aware.
And dismissed and forgotten,
For their 'crazy' opinions to openly give...
Are today being sought,
By trained blood hounds sniffing for lost treasure.
With hopes they can suggest how best to correct,
The lives of those with discovered dysfunctions.
To undo a mess that has been allowed to manifest.

And ironically enough,
Those already declared aware 'and' crazed...
With a doing to be shunned, defamed and disgraced,
Are now found to be the only ones left 'competent' enough...
Who can best represent a normalcy fading,
With truth to express honestly and without fear...
By the very ones awakening from delusions disappearing.
To have for them wanting what had existed.
A truth heard to speak without it sweetened.
With it no longer offensive or perceived as treason.

'Have the 'hounds' sniff around the forest.
I remember those we seek,
Saying something about the trees.
Sarcastically, of course.
But today we can not afford to overlook any clues.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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