All i really want
Is for these words to flow..
And for u to read
Just to understand the magic blow...

All these emotions
I keep hidden inside..
Just need u to listen
To these feeling beside....

I go to sleep knowing
U will be there when i awake..
I wish to wakeup everyday
To had just one wish to feel ur heart beating within mine...

I think of u every morning
And dream of u each night..
I think of ur arms being around me
And can't express my delight...

U say 'close ur eyes',
'tell me what you see'
I see only two people
just you and me....

I see you there now
looking down at me..
with that cute little smile
that I like to see...

Feel the rythm in my body
All that i wanna do..
I feel the day which bring my sunshine
For its another day with you...

U asked me y i stay beside you
It just i want u to lay inside me.
I will die, before i ever let u go away.
By my side, I want you to always stay....

by Moumita .Aich

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