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Soul Cries: '(

I really wonder…Why's all of this happening to me?
I can neither hear nor see…..
Except my faint figure and my hopeless sound
I look around me and I look behind

Where are you? Please stay near
I just can't bear that fear
I pass my days… so lonely
Only hopes and dreams are with me

At night, I am walking alone…. Wind starts to blow
I keep on hiding and hiding…then snow…
I can only call the stars
They can share my complaints

My tears testify that am drowning in the sea of misery
Please have pity on me…. Have mercy
I am alone on my way
What can I do or say? ?

I can't find my lost soul
I want to be a baby…play and crawl
I tried to seek people's happiness
But….they're seeking my sadness

I'm searching for my lost smile
I just want it to pass from time to time
Unfortunately, what's lost can't be regained
I am easily broken but hardly repaired

My heart is broken and my eyes are swollen

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