Soul Fire.

Today is the day.
The cold and misty day, in which my life continues to be a blur.
The girl that sits at the bay of the balcony window, looking out on life, understands who I am.
She reaches out to touch me, with just one glance.
I smile meekly and continue walking, knowing that with just one glance, just one smile, she knows.

As the day grows old and the night draws in,
She haunts my thoughts, my dreams.
She comes to me, her red hair, like the autumn leaves, sets my heart on fire.
She looks deep into my soul; she tenderly kisses the pain away as I become helpless to her powers.

Here I lay, in a state between dreams and reality,
And I know she’s here.
I know she is the only one who dares to stay with me.
Tears roll down her cheeks and drip onto my chest, she takes my pain with her.
I feel her warm breath move closer towards my face as we kiss and she draws back.
No sound. No sudden movement. Yet she has gone.

In future days, we meet again.
Through the familiar window, which she sits at each and every day.
She knows me,
She loves me,
And in one final glance,
Goodbye, as I walk out into the highway.
And She disappears.

By Gemma Astbury.

by Gemma Astbury

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