Soul Intact

Sanguine fluid hemorrhaging from a contrary source
My credence wavers at your broken promises
I once abjured all of your fatuous wars
Until I too was branded on your canvas’

Some tawdry amusement you secrete
Only to emerge in your tenebrous off time
A murmured melodious beat
To make a pedestrian appear sublime

I feel your jurisdiction, forced upon me
Subservience is yours only till my hands are more
Pride in your villainage, underlying acrimony
For the malevolence in my eyes, an unbroken core

Infuriating your might, nothing can defeat you
Animosity ablaze, cauterizing me, so cold.
Behind the pain you inflict, you find impenetrable fortitude
Your brawn may vanquish my body, never my soul.

by Tamra Craft

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