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Soul Invaders
AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

Soul Invaders

I wish I was sent back to my distant one-time planet
To revel in bathing in magical rays of the emerald sun.
Since time is no master there, I won't suffer a reverse.
If I meet my pet Pegasus, nothing's gonna spoil the fun.
We will gallop across the sky towards thunderclouds
And I can resume fighting against those infernal raiders
To the bitter end, since my fearlessness knows no bounds.
Though some of them are recognized as soul invaders
Having the human outer shell and the predatory underneath,
I would identify them all by my ability of X ray vision
And might be in search for crunchies, as above, so beneath.
Together, we'd make one powerful antidemonic division.
If we spotted the fiends among ourselves, we might win.

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