Soul Kite

I see you....
And for the next two days
My soul soars high above
Like a kite
That hovers and flutters
Far away in a place
Where it meets your soul
And there is just them..
Soul kites - yours and mine!

Down below
I go about life’s motions
And carry out humdrum duties
Like an automaton!

When the third day dawns
My soul-kite begins its descent
Back to earth where
I coax it into me
With the voice of reason and inevitable truths
That neither it nor I can deny.

We try - my soul and I
To get on with life
As contentedly as we can
I see you again!

by Latha Krishnan

Comments (2)

A refined poetic imagination, Latha. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.
Using simple metaphor you have inked beautifully loves simplicity.Liked it.