Soul Mate

When we met we were just friends
But feelings grew now your mine til the end
My love for you will never change
I hope our feelings always stay the same
Your my one and only my true soul mate
And im really glad you chose me today
My heart skips a beat with every kiss
And your everlasting love i cherish this
Im yours for always til the day i die
And my hopes and dreams they make me cry
Our little family a boy and girl
To me they will mean the whole wide world
Your my love so smile bright
And keep me in your arms and hold me tight!

by amanda mangano

Comments (2)

A wonderful prayer-type poem full of contentment in your words.Love Duncan
I like it a lot very good at expressing that true feeling 1 thing though if you dont mind me correcting Cherish* sorry dont mean to be rude just thought you should know