Soul's Passion

You are so beautiful I can't explain

My love is ready to bear all pain

Snowy white in moon-soon rain

Glowing light in my brain

Your beauty at a glance

Gives me a chance to romance

When my heart gets a chance

Pleasure fills it starts to dance

You my heart, you my fortune

I want to get you very soon

Like a sip of wine at noon

Glowing flower in hot June

Let us cherish love relation

In a style in graceful fashion

With real soul's passion

For satisfaction and salvation

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan

Copyright 2o14 Golden Glow

by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan

Comments (4)

I want to get you very soon with my fortune. Wonderful realization and nice soul poem shared on desk.
Beautiful love poem full of deep desires and emotions on fire as the light of your heart embraces your words with such longing for your beloved!
well-written wonderful piece
Lovely poem. Love, respect, passion, compassion all needed to build strong relationship. Thanks for sharing and also thanks for your comment on my poem. Appreciate it very much.