MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! Soul's Soliloquy

It’s said that universal single mind,
as in a flash it flowers in our individual mind,
hastens first in two directions: polar opposites,
and then and thus, duality..

then, within these mighty parameters,
all that we call our mind –
all our imagination, and its limits self-imposed,
all the great adventure of our human thought –
watchmaker’s intricacy, tumble-dryer, roller-coaster,
battleground of warring factions –
all that we call our mind..

and thus from time to time, one concept which I throw
into this zoo, my mind, at feeding-time –

suppose the Hindu view correct – or at least,
worth any animal’s good chew –
that our most inward part, call it
the soul or what you will, is on
an almost ageless learning curve of many lives:

each life as homework set by shrewd examiners
of the last life’s papers; homework set to test
this candid candidate: we know your strengths,
let’s now work upon your weaknesses…
and let’s see, which family
would best suit you, get you going
one way or another…turn you out
a better-rounded personality…

If this is so – and personally, I like
the divine symmetry of this tiger
in the night of destiny – I wonder why
I should have no inkling of those past and future
friends, so intimate – my past and future soul:

to say to one, you, my elder brother,
are you proud of me? Have I upheld
our family’s just pride?

and you, my younger brother –
or should I call you, son? I bequeath to you
the best I’ve got to leave you with…
some things you’ll need, I may have quite forgot;
for that, I’m sorry; but here, take my loving wishes,
have yourself a great, great time…

you’ll never know, I’ll never know, perhaps
how much we three love one another..
or, perhaps, we shall..

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Perhaps thats the reason why we get drawn toc ertain people...maybe they were related to us in our previous lives..... Well written TO