Soul Search

Poem By Kateh Shirk

I walk through this world with many faces.
But they show only a small trace
Of the beautiful girl inside.
There's bits and pieces I hide.
It seems no one sees the real me.
With what such key
Can you unlock such a complex mind? !
I can't tell you or show you anything
With drawings, words, or these lines.
No tests can set some default setting.
So what good will your questions or meddling do? !
But yet I want to pour my heart out in front of the enitrie population...
I want to to tell my life's story to the entire nation...
I have the right to freedom of speech.
But how do I practice what my soul yearns to preach?
I feel so misunderstood by the people who know I exist.
There are so many things that their prying eyes miss.
They only look at the outside,
While I observe the person they are on the inside.
But can they hear my soul cry
Out for the truth and not the lies? !
Who is the one who sees who I am?
What person can truly understand
This soul search in this spirit?
No fortune teller with their cards of tarot
Can answer the quiries of this heart.
This soul search is what sets me apart
From the reality we hold onto.
Besides, what do these words mean to you...?
Ponder every one of them,
And start your soul search and
Never let it end.

(Completed on 1.29.08)

Comments about Soul Search

It gets better everytime I read it. Thanx a bunch Kateh!

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