Soul Sister

Right on time we meet again
Emotionally wounded and exhausted,
On our very last hour
Crying, lying, and dying inside
our paths cross once again.
God blessed us to be have each other
To help and heal the hell
This is more than just an acquaintance
Or an old familiar friend,
She is my Soul Sister, a strong force not to be reckoned with!
This meeting is different this time,
When I looked into my sister's beautiful brown eyes,
The light was fading out- but this she will deny,
She will smile and say, "I am alright"
Soul Sister you know I love you, please always know:
If perhaps
I were just a memory, I'd hold you there forever just so you'll remember all those good times;
Or if I was a smile on your face, I would never ever leave to ensure sadness would never take my place;
Or if a was your hand, I would want you to carry and hold be through life, even when I am grown and old;
If I were a melody in your ear, I would play sweet music, to carry you through the years;
If I could be strength, I'd give you my all, I'd make damn sure you are held high in the sky, I swear I'd never let you fall;
Or if I was a beautiful star just like the light in your eyes,
I would always look upon your life and never stop my shine;
If I were forever, then you would be too
Together forever, me and you….

by Sharon Reniff

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soulful as my pen name :) ..................good write