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Soul Vs Logic

All odds seem to be against me.
All people tell me that this is wrong,
But a thousand fools can think a foolish thought,
And it will still be a foolish thought.

My heart’s a battleground.
Logic and reason
Struggle relentlessly against my soul.

Am I blinded by bliss?
Or am I bound by logic?

Do I listen to what others say,
And chance losing my dream.
Or do I go with what I feel,
And chance being marked as a fool.

The answer may seem obvious to those looking in from the outside,
But inside things are much less clear.

I suppose if I am wrong
I will be right back where I started.
Just a little more lost.

It all comes down to one question.
What choice can I live with?

And thus,
Things become a little more clear.

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the problem is figuring out what you can live with and what you only think you can live with... sometimes its not all that clear