The human soul as a naked entity in its independent consciousness
Possessing a certain level or degree of significance in its awareness
In the absence of its human physical state it remains as an element of energy
Very much alive in the form of celestial being with the explanation of astrology
Being the stars or planets in its original form or state
Up in the sky above the heavens as it awaits for its fate
For the human figure is not our original form of physical appearance
But as a molecular element who took the human form in adherence
The soul of a person which originated outside of its geographic domain
Is composed mostly of atomic and molecular properties as I might explain
Like the pen I'm using right now did not appear like this out of the blue
It was made up of plastic, steel or ink and of molecules which is true
Everything took a certain amount of idea and time in order to function
As well as the human body to manifest all our worldly experience or action
For even God himself has its own story of origin to tell us all
Of how we came to life as humans no matter how big or small
Creating the anatomy of the human body in a very articulate method or way
Thu human body of a soul which could think, feel and reproduce I might say
And how we manage to save the precious soul from its decaying organic body
For as long as our science and wisdom evolves we will be able to learn or study
Of the relationship or link between all living and non-living matter we could find
Like how a processor acts in a computer is similar how our body obeys the soul or mind
Even science and religion tells us that the elements found in space are eternal
Dating back to the unseen period of time as the pioneers of the unknown
Present in the molecular composition of living and non-living matter that are known
A lot of priests and religion talks about the soul but have no idea of its identified structures
They think its some kind of invisible version of what we look like in the movies and pictures
When a person dies his life also burns out and his soul will go back to its source of light
Its soul finding its way back to the star where it came from through the darkness of night
So how is this possible to travel from here to the distant stars
There is no journey actually made or done in the first place
For our souls here are merely an extension of who we really are as a distant star
So when we die we would still wake up from where we originated no matter how far
Inside these stars our souls are alive where its fantasies and desires come true
In the absence of the Law the soul fulfills its wishes within the sky so blue
God with all the powers in its hands took a human form and created the life we know
By creating mankind in its own image and likeness in the opportunity to display or show
Through the great wisdom of God he was able to create the human structure
In the same way every living creature was made and created for such nature
With the mixture of elements and supernatural powers he was able to conceive
The soul and flesh of a person from its imagination which he did in fact perceive
The human body according to color, race, gender and appearance
With all of its known strength to overcome such human endurance
Creating the anatomy of the human body in a very advance state of perception
The human body that could think, feel and reproduce by means of conception
Medicine could save a human body that is guaranteed to die
Health is not exactly the greatest wealth but rather our virtue
For what is the use of a healthy but wicked and selfish woman or man
And the fear of death limits our actions to do good in any way we can


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