RFS (June 23,1979 / Lapaz, Iloilo City)


The creation of the human body from a living organic matter
In the same manner that every living creature was created after
The soul which is foreign to the human living structure or form
Infused itself to the living tissue becoming its natural norm
When humans were created from a single genetic origin
Two for each color and race in its own identical margin
A certain creation which was not made by science but rather magic
A powerful magic but not of illusion but only of wisdom and logic
A great mind of an artistic nature able to conceive such work of art
As its visualizes what it wanted to look like as a being from the start
For time was always on its side in the making of its own masterpiece
For someone who has no end it put everything together piece by piece
From Olympus where all such creation had began and started
He was clearly thinking as an Immortal God who had waited
The creation of such living tissue which would eventually perish
Made us value the importance of life which most of us cherish
For Olympus serves as a Matrix and the source of all reality
In our minds as we formulate and develop such idea for clarity
The One in Olympus created the human body from his very own image
As the humans to be its subjects and source of joy according to knowledge
The souls of the human being as the eternal reward to such loyalty
As the missing parts of each Olympians given to men in its reality
To become the heavenly bodies in the cosmos up above us
For our souls in the body are connected to the heavens as we live
And upon our deaths we would wake up in our dreams as I believe
For even before the human body was created it had a celestial beginning
Intertwined within our true nature as humans will soon have a new meaning
For God created different colors and races as a means of variety
Colors to choose and select from within our very own community
Did you ever wonder how my soul as big as the sun fit into my human body
The human soul to become the shining star which is found in everybody
From a single sperm humans were able to propagate and multiply
For the human body was also conceived like the stars as I imply
Our stars in the heavens multiply as we do now here in our planet
A far larger community outside our earth without any possible explanation
For our science is quite young in studying such phenomena in its limitation
Although they look different in appearance just like cats and dogs
I believe they communicate with each other in a different way
For they too are a part of creation which is alive I might say
They made themselves as planets in order to be together
Forever as the stars closer to each other and one another
For their true being are the elements we now study in chemistry
Giants who created the human form among its known discovery
The eternal life which God speaks of is to become one among the stars
Alive only in the perception of thoughts in the absence of pain
Eternally alive in the mind inside these stars is what we gain
A world where your thoughts rule and everything is possible
You could do almost anything you want and is unstoppable
For the only thing we could gather and take with us is our mind
The mind being one with the soul which we are all trying to find
The human body is a product of mostly known elements
Growing with the need of water, fire, earth and air
A certain aspect which humans truly value and care
For science and medicine has yet to discover the reality
Sometimes the simplest explanation could be in fact the right one
Yet most of you still doubt the truth after what was shown and done


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