Soulful Passing

Poem By Carlos Rodriguez

An angel runs
thru the sudden light
a ghost precedes us
a shadow follows us
into the darkness
and each time we stop
we fall into a sea
of worship and amber glow.

Moment of inner freedom
is when the mind is opened
and the infinite universe is revealed
and the weeping soul is left to wander
dazed and confused searching
here and there for a pale reflection
of a hidden face cracked
in an invisible mirror.

Those who race towards death
those who wait
and those who worry
wait by the roadside of
a lonely stretch of highway
seeking intellectual wisdom
as a new dawn appears
still dormant and not yet awake
from the night before.

I went to see you late last night
but you were dancing with angels
in deep elder forest
your head was hidden from view
under the angels wings
feared of being caught.

Vulnerability is a good disguise
for late at night
I can place myself anywhere in space and time
I can summon the dead
and hunt the living
I can perceive events on other worlds
in my deepest inner mind
and in the minds of others
lies a sanctuary of faith
blessed my wounded heart
with the cure of your kindred soul
for tomorrow
I may no longer be here
as my own steps may lead me
to distant foreign lands
not forseeable to the human eye.

Copyright 2006, Carlos Rodriguez

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