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'I got lost in the night, without the light
of your eyelids, and when the night surrounded me
I was born again: I was the owner of my own darkness.'

~ Pablo Neruda

He doesn't sleep here anymore and I grieve.
I close my eyes, and a tear falls in dismay.
I am a crazy dreamer, but I believe
that I will see him, hold him, kiss him someday.

The dark snake of anxiety coils within,
and the seconds escape from his fangs of fear.
His poison awaits; it lurks beneath the skin.
I will not be held captive; this much is clear.

For, I sing the sweet song of our yesterday.
I trace the memory with my fingertips.
I languor in the bed where we used to lay,
where you would plant roses between luscious lips.

And the smile of your eyes when I acquiesced
was full of flickers of a forbidden fire.
Smoke rose between us when our bodies compressed,
and together we climbed the wall of desire.

Slow, sultry breaths danced along my collarbone
as fingers fumbled with the buttons below.
A rain of kisses upon my neck, a moan,
then the nighttime silence was broken with 'Oh! '

I loosened and lengthened with every kiss,
molding myself in your body's heated curve.
A stirring of passion, a buxom of bliss,
the heightened tension along every nerve.

A moment of madness, an epiphany …
I was as wet as a field soaked in the rain.
A lifetime of love, an immortal decree …
forever emblazoned like fire to the brain.

An orgy of unrecognizable strength
washed over me like waves from a storm-swept sea.
I held onto his back, surrounded his length,
and made him forevermore a part of me.

Sweet undulations of passionate pleasure!
An evening laced with eroticism.
Orgasm of the soul for me to treasure,
our great moment of bohemianism.

by Linda Marie Van Tassell

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nice piece very sensual and vivid thank you