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.more...I Want More

I want more of those 'I'll hold you
forever nights' as we drifted
peacefully and contentedly...asleep.

I want more of those quiet mornings,
waking beside you and seeing you
smile you awoke.

I want more of our walks through
the precious and memorable times
of our life.

I want more of you dragging me off to
our place of worship and our listening
to the hymnal music...and loving every
minute of it.

I want more of your kisses and the love
that was always there and the way you
looked at me and the way you said
my name and the way you said I love you...

I want more of those out of the way places
we use to go. We would eat, drink, dance as I got
lost in the love of who you are.

I want more of the way you made me feel and
all of your unspoken looks of love.

I just want more of you. I just want my life back.
I just want...our life back.

I want more...but you gone. Now I am filled
with rage...anguish and emptiness, that I can not
longer... have more.

I would give all my eternal bliss...just to have more...
just to have one more day...of you.

Find me my darling. Help me. Give me....more.

© Joe Fazio

by (brief renderings) Joe Fazio

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