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I lie here, alone, breathing in the essence of you,
Remembering your touch, feeling your embrace.
You, who are so far and yet ever so near.
Is this magic, this knowing, this ethereal togetherness?
How many trials have we faced together to bring us so dear?
I close my eyes and know we have always been,
And sense we will always be.
Oh yes, this life, these fears so insurmountable.
We go so far beyond,
Our comprehension taking us backward and forward,
Reassuring us that all is well.
Love allows no fears to remain,
They are but fleeting thoughts, reminders that we are mortal.
Then, once again, we return to that mystical place,
That place where only love exists, where peace and happines abound.
Thank you, guardian angels, for helping us find each other again,
For showing us the way on our rocky roads,
For the whispers in our darkness when we thought we were alone,
For reminding us that love is, that we are and will always be.

by Mary Greenwood

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Excellent poem Mary, I adore love poetry. Maybe if you get a chance you could look at mine.Keep up the good work.