Soulmates' Abode

Once I narrated a story
Our moments bring the glory
Your memories were the words
And my feelings the untold emotions.
Once I recited a poem
Telling 'em about our relation
Your beauty held its all explanation
While I was in light just for my passion.
Once I sung a song
Of the times we spent along
Your words were the lyrics
My voice the sound of untold tragedies.
Everyday I remember you
With these little ways of mine
Wondering whenever I recite them
You look down from heaven and smile.
‘Cause this separation is unbearable
I am just not capable
The thoughts of you help me survive
The thoughts of you not being here kills me alive.
Every morning I wait for the dusk
When I'll finally get to meet you
In the purest of our forms
In the world far far away from land.
For it is said there's a world beyond sky
Where morning never meets night
Where the separated souls finally unite
When life and death lose their might.
Baby I will meet you there
Trust me! Won't leave you alone, ever.
Till then just remember
Soulmates only part to unite forever.

by Anamika Raj

Comments (2)

Unite forever. Unite forever.
I loved the last two stanzas. Beautiful poem about love and loss