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SN (13th October 1980 / lagos, nigeria)


Poem By samuel nze

If you put your head
Outside your bedroom window
At night
You will feel a gust of air
The sea would be wooing you
And you would feel too powerless
To resist

Aroma and sound
Silent and reassuring
Romantic and suave
Love and aura.

If you go on a walk
Somewhere on the lawn
In the afternoon
You would sweat
The sun would be blaming you
And you would feel too guilty
To argue

Heat and humidity
Merciless and conquering
Fiery and stiff
Anger and hate.

If you sit at home
Smug on the sofa
In the evening
You would loll
The clouds would be caressing you
And you would feel too lazy
To run

Blue and white
Coaxing and refreshing
Calm and quiet
Peace and love.

Our souls are a myriad of emotions
A well of diverse frenzies
Our souls are full
Of liquids
Passion, guilt, sadness, joy
Our souls are like God - omni capable
And anyway, he made them.

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