Souls Undermined

It's a struggle to forgive,
An evilness intended.
Especially done when the act of it,
Leaves another alone,
Emotionally wounded and sickened...
From the wickedness of it,

Keeping one's faith,
Not to stray or abandon...
Mends and heals quicker.
Than a bitterness kept to feel.
Done to do at one's best,
To ignore...
A seeking of revenge explored.

God has His way,
Of intervening to step in.
To prove He and He alone,
Knows what's best...
With this done to make shown.
Saving souls undermined,
By demonic wishes everytime.
With a keeping one's patience,
To eventually witness...
A removing of all struggles,
One may have felt...
To have been doubled.

'Thank You, God!
Always when You come,
That time is right.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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