IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Sound Familiar? For Bill Smith

I dreamt I wrote but I had not.
My pad was empty when I woke,
the poem was gone. I had forgot
but in my head a small voice spoke.

Don’t try so hard you won’t succeed
though it’s recorded in your mind.
It will return at its own speed.
There is no way that you can find.

The key with which you gain access.
It simply doesn’t work that way.
You brain needs some time to process
The information stored awa.

I got on with my daily chores
switched my mind to here and now
I knew this was the only course
that my sub conscious would allow.

My chores all done a coffee break
seemed like a good idea to me.
I sat relaxed just half awake.
The floodgates opened suddenly.

My pad and pen were close to hand
I always keep them close to me.
A habit you will understand
if you too write some poetry.

The words flowed freely from my pen
I did not need to think, just write.
I had recalled the words again
and writ them down in black and white.

It doesn’t always work that way
some poems are lost beyond recall.
Never to see the light of day.
I’m glad to say that’s some not all.

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A familiar classical peace of musical ringing... Sensational! ! !
Ya this really souds familiar........ nice......