Sound Of Silence

I felt attracted to a sound coming from far,
an unusual depth woke my heart up from afar,
strange i felt as i listened to it,
mysteriously it filled my mind as i focused on it,
i was drifting into silence,
was losing my ignorance,
i was heading towards the city of uncertainty,
was coloring a world with no gravity,
was freed from my curiosity, my imagination took me to infinity.
Carefully i listened to that sound,
it brought a calmness I've never found,
shut my eyes to see i am vanishing from the ground,
some powerful strangeness has me bound.
Took me away, gave me away, made me sway,
an inquisitive mind fooled by a clever sound,
as i listen more...i hear nothing but silence,
when i listen to the sound of silence.

by rinki nandy

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Is it Vedic concept of Archie Vox Om [Aum]? Excellent flight into valley of imaginative infinity… Well composed poem …needs contemplation 10+. Ms. Nivedita UK,